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The present layout of the farm dates back to 1800. It is made up of three main bodies: the “opificio” or winery, the large stables and barns facing South and the living quarters under the main archway.

The barn and stables were still occupied until a few years ago and also include a pigsty and many warehouses. The long hall, with ancient stone columns, has been recently renovated and used as an events room.

There’s also a brand new bar! Soon, it will hopefully have also rooms upstairs for our guests.

Such an ancient and large farmstead was naturally stacked full of old agricultural tools, machinery and historical artifacts that are now being lovingly cleaned and restored to create a small museum.

The most spectacular part is certainly the winery with the large wooden vats recalling the huge volumes of wine produced in the past and the newly renovated beamed ceiling which creates a cathedral-like atmosphere. Parts of this building have been adapted to the needs of a modern winery. In the deep cellar you can see the ancient barrel vaults with stone colonnades dating back to the twelfth century where the tonneaux and barriques are now kept.

The third section includes an ancient wine cellar, the historic dwelling of the farmers and various warehouses and porticoes where once bottling and washing was done. Here are the headquarters of the other passion of the Martinelli family – that for the ancient eastern game of carrom, similar to billiards.

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